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Companies could send job description through email or come to school for campus talk or presentation. Please find the Recruiting Tips for your reference. Career development department has a comprehensive grasp of all the MBA candidates’ background, ability and career intention. We hope to connect closely with recruiters and providing competent and experienced professionals.

In-Company Consultancy Projects

As a unique bridge between corporations and business school, case study is always very popular to MBA students. Company could purpose a relatively isolating project to BiMBA. We will select MBA team including a leading professor and 3 to 4 students to work with companies together on the project under the guidance of faculty members and providing the solution. This is beneficial to both students and company. Consulting could start from July, and last about 8 weeks. Project consulting information may be sent to us by end of April. Earlier reservation is always acceptable.

For company to propose the project, please fill in the formIn-Company Project Request Form.xls

Speaker from Company Executive

Voluntary speakers are always welcome. CDD will also invite some senior executives or alumni talking about industry trends, latest development of companies, career development and other related topics. Students could know deeper through these lectures and station themselves better on the career path.

These informative speeches are very effective way to introduce your company to MBA students. We sincerely appreciate your attention to young business professionals.

Career Counseling and Instruction

Career counseling includes resume writing, professional etiquette, mock interview and other related subjects. Some are given by human resources experts; some are one on one talk by reservation. All these instruction is aimed to get students closing to companies and enhance the mutual understanding.

Company Visiting

We encourage company to show themselves to MBA students on spot. The company visiting is more vivid to MBA to know the potential employers and experience part of companies’ culture. The joint of case study on campus and the practical operation in business is best way for MBA students and company to know each other. The deep impression to the MBA students could also help companies to attract the best candidates.

Invitation for MBA Clubs'  Activity

BiMBA’s students have various organizations in school. Most of these clubs or associations are with wide connection to real businesses, and quite influential and cohesive among students. To extend the close touch with MBA students, we will also send out invitations to companies when those clubs or associations have public activities. We believe through those activities, companies could easily and closely get to know students and lock up the best talents for them.

Free Lecture and Forum Invitation to Corporations

As a business school, BiMBA will hold lectures and forum by professors regularly. The topics involves in economics, finance, corporate management, and related subjects. Career development department will offer the invitation freely to corporations to join us. This could not only bring the practice and theory closer, but also could providing a platform for entrepreneurs and scholars to share knowledge and experiences.