Application Procedure

BiMBA EMBA program requires that all applicants be in-service senior management personnel who have bachelor's degree or above, and over 8 years of working experience after graduation from college (more than 5 years of management working experience).

BiMBA enrolls students in each November for the next year. The enrollment ends at the end of next April.

1. Submit Application Materials
The applicant shall submit complete application materials to the Admissions Office of BiMBA. After receiving the application materials, the Admissions Committee will review the qualification of the applicant.

· Application Form (Download)
Fill in the complete form and sign on the last page.

· 2 to 3 Recommendation Letters (Download  Chinese Version  English Version)
The issuer of the recommendation letter should know the applicant well and be able to give objective comments of the applicant. We propose the recommendation letter to be written by current or former boss of the applicant, influential person in the industry or person with senior professional title. Recommendation letter written by subordinate of the applicant will be regarded as invalid.

· Copies of Deploma
We require that all applicants have a bachelor's degree or above, Please provide copies of  deploma.  If you have Master's Degree or above, please provide the copies of corresponding deploma.

· A Copy of Valid ID Card

· 6 Recently-taken color photos (hatless)

· 2 Business Cards

2. Qualification Review
The Admissions Committee will review the qualification of the applicants based on their materials submitted. The process will last 2 to 4 weeks. The applicants who pass the review will be invited to Peking University for an interview and written test.

3. Entrance Exams
The entrance exams have 2 parts, namely, interview and written test, which are usually done within half a day. The assessment results are mainly based on the interview. In the process of assessment, we emphasize the applicant’s performance in corporate management and operation,  insight into and prediction of the industry, creativity, leadership, sense of social responsibility, educational background and ability to learn.
For the sake of the covenience of the applicant, we will organize several exams in each admission season. The entrance exams will start from each December to next July. The admissions office will arrange exams for the convenience of the applicants, based on their application submission dates and qualification reviews.

*About Interview and Written Exam
Interview (30 Mins)
The interview is done in Chinese, with each applicant facing 2 interviewers who will mainly inquire about the applicant's educational background, working experience, experience in the industry, and aspiration for the future. It is aimed to assess the basic and necessary quality of the applicant as an excellent leader. 

Written Exam (3 hrs)
The exam focuses on fundamental abilities. It is aimed to assess whether the applicant has the basic ability to receive the master education, such as the numerical analysis ability, language ability, logics, basic understanding of management, and some basic nature as an executive.                           

4. Admission Results
The BiMBA Admission Committee, based on the general assessment (including the interview results, written test results, and other conditions of the applicant) of the EMBA applicant, give the final conclusion collectively and reveal the results 1 or 2 weeks after the test. The applicants can also inquire about their results by logging on the website of www.bimba.org.
The admission results include YES, NO and WAITING. The admitted applicant will receive the Admission Notice 2 or 3 weeks after the revealing of the admission results. The applicants whose results are WAITING will enter the next round of admission assessment.

5. Admissions Confirmation
About 1 month before the starting of the course, the admissions office will send a notice and admission confirmation letter to the admitted applicants. EMBA students admitted in the year shall sign the confirmation letter and send it back to the admissions office to confirm the seat.

6. Formal Start
The EMBA courses usually start at the end of each August.