Leadership through International Field Studies

Leadership through International Field Studies, Observations and Reflections - a course cooperated with West Point: Study of West Point and Famous Multinational Companies

What is leadership? How can we foster it so that it can play a role in the whole team? These questions have been the concerns of not only corporate executives but also business schools in China. As China’s top business school, BiMBA initiated the course of “Leadership through International Field Studies, Observations and Reflections” in 2005. The cooperation with West Point in US is one of the unique contents of the course.

Over the past years of cooperation with West Point, Prof. John Yang Zhuang, International dean of BiMBA, has headed numerous student delegations to West Point, participating its R-Day training. Each year West Point has also sent delegations of instructors and student officers to pay return visit to BiMBA.

The cooperation with West Point aims to exploit the management philosophy and HR training pattern in the West Point. The courses focus on studying how West Point has educated the largest number of senior management personnel working at Top 500, how it has forged its graduates into the elites, what China’s business management education can learn from West Point’s education philosophy and pattern, and how to employ them in our MBA education.

To be specific, BiMBA focuses on the study of West Point’s unique leadership philosophy, behavior and teaching practice. As the relationship goes deeper between BiMBA and West Point, BiMBA faculty and students are better aware of the West Point’s leadership training. Students have learned a lot on how to apply military leadership into business management, how business leaders establish the authority of military commanders, what are the common points and differences between business world and battlefields, and how to develop leadership through physical exercises.

Moreover, in the course of Leadership through International Field Studies, Observations and Reflections, students will also visit Fordham University in the downtown of Manhattan of NY City, the UN Headquarters, GE Energy Financial, IBM R&D headquarters, Robertet perfume plant, Times Warner, Bloomberg and other enterprises and organizations, listening to the instructions of the management specialists and having face-to-face exchanges with corporate leaders and their staff members. For instance, Mr. John Tognino, former Vice Executive Chairman of Nasdaq and Managing Director of Meril Lynch, by introducing the Wall Street war, explained how leadship helped him uphold his vision and value in the crisis and turned the challenge into opportunity. Senior executive Mr. John De Lavis of HSBC expounded on leadership from the perspective of corporate strategy and innovation. Mr. Frank Werner explained the power of Bloomberg’s financial information, the evolution of Bloomberg over the past few years, and the corporate culture of harmony and equality. Students have also shared with Mr. Bill Catucci, Chairman of AT&T Canada, on leadership forging.