Internatioanl Study Tour for Alumni

Cindy Yu, 2005 Part Time MBA



Company: DHL - Sinotrans international air courier Ltd SHO Cluster

Position: General Manager


It's near to the time to say "bye" to BiMBA, this two and half years' happy time will be engraved in my memory forever. Here, I learn and share. Here, I get the most advanced knowledge and information at the same pace with the world. We learn in class, and we use learning in guiding our daily job tension ally and intentionally.

Thanks, BiMBA. You are my un-regretted choice. 


Eric Lin, 1998 Part Time MBA

Company: Microsoft China

Position: Director, Developer and platform Evangelism


BiMBA inspired me and equipped me with the things that I wanted exactly in the years of 1999/2000. It helped me to stay calm in the go-go time; it brought me the courage and knowledge to transform my career. Without BiMBA, I can hardly imagine my career changes from technical marketing to Business consulting and further to leadership role. I wish more and more professionals across China could participate various BiMBA programs and benefit from BiMBA. 


Gang Lin (Frank), 1998 Part Time MBA


Company: Mercer Consulting

Position: Partner, Greater China; Managing Director, North China


To give a man a fish, you feed him for one day; to teach him how to fish, you feed him for a life time.”  This is how I benefited from BiMBA.  The experience there was like a series of breath-taking mountain climbs, and the vistas I enjoyed along the way came with great rewards in my entire professional career. I'm so proud of the partnership we established, in the richest sense of the word, among our classmates and program faculty. They are people I would be proud to introduce to my family, friends, colleagues or clients, any time, anywhere.



Xiaoyang Zhou (Grant), 1998 Part Time MBA


Company: Samsung Electronics

Position: Vice President / General Manager

                 China Mobile Phone Operation

                 Mobile Communication Division


An open China needs more internationalized management professionals. BiMBA is an accelerator to produce these high quality management professionals. Its unique methodology of combining eastern management practices with western theories allows me the double advantage of learning advanced western management knowledge while digesting and reacting to the real Chinese business environment.                                                                                                                                                            


Haibo Lu, 2005 Part Time MBA



Company: Yahoo

Position: Director of New Media Department

I learned lots of things in BIMBA,especially from classmates.The happiest thing here is we can express all kinds of events,for example the tough problem in daily business operation.The classmates will help to solve the problem.


MBA is not a common diploma education,MBA opens the door of real business world to the students,but MBA soldem gives the specific solutions,MBA just teaches the studnet how to form the thinking model to find the correct solution.



Haixia Hu , 2006 Part Time MBA


Company: Modern English Language Training Co., Ltd.

Position: Guomao Branch/Franchiser, Center Manager


After a whole year study at BiMBA, not only have I enlarged my scope of knowledge, and therefore my business vision, but my analytical skills have been improved as well.   This larger vision and the capability of thinking independently is adding great value to my career development.  Biz-school is never supposed to be a sole place for us to learn business skills; it’s rather a platform where people can network, learn from each other and grow together aside from learning business knack.  BiMBA in a lot of ways is a perfect demonstration of what an international business school does for young professionals like me.


Hanson Xu, 2006 Part Time MBA


Company: Beijing Yusen Environmental Protection Tech. Co., Ltd.

Position: Co-founder


BiMBA is really a magic place for me to realize dreams. After entering into BiMBA, I met my current partner Ranson in the class. He found a wonderful technology which can make trees alive in the desert.  Then, I decided to quit my comfortable job in a big company and started my own business after careful consideration. During the financing process, I also found many famous venture capitals were operated by our BiMBA alumni and they helped us a lot.



Harry Lin , 2005 Part Time MBA



Company: Motorola China Co., Ltd.

Position: Senior Manager, Wireless Product Management


The curriculum and international dimension of BiMBA's community have helped me, as a local foreigner, to become a regional player with a global mindset.

Peking University's strong reputation and close ties with the business world, the high quality teaching provides the skills I need to build successful entrepreneurial ventures. BiMBA's location in Beijing provides the chance to be surrounded by the most established and entrepreneurial business leaders in China. Education at BiMBA have given me the tools to better assess strategic' and technological alternatives and to understand how strategic, technological and organizational changes can be carried out.


Jinlong Li , 2007 Part Time MBA


Company: Google China

Position: Reseller Sales Manager of North Region


With nine-year working experience in both domestic and international companies, I began to hunt for a business education to fulfill myself.  When I was searching the best part-time program in China, BiMBA came into my serious consideration especially after learning a lot of “wonderful experience at BiMBA” from my line manager who was a BiMBA graduate.


I finally chose this program mainly for two reasons.  One is Peking University, the giant of thoughts and a hundred year’s tradition. The other is BiMBA’s international vision and practice by cooperation with overseas business schools.


My life at BiMBA so far is very happy even though it is tough.  The study is very demanding, but I’ve learned a lot not only from professors but also my classmates who are come from various fields, sharing experience and learning from one another. Moreover, as a member of 2007 part-time MBA class committee, I feel deeply moved by the credence among my classmates.  Moreover, they are so passionate, diligent, team oriented, helpful and supportive!  We will be working together to make it better. Our class, our second family! 



Michael Bai, 1998 Part Time MBA


Company: International Lease Finance Corp.

Position: Assistant Vice President


For me, the BiMBA experience was about enhancement of perspectives and aspiration, refinement of knowledge and skills, expansion of social network and exposures, and forging of inner strength and character. For my career earlier in management consulting now in aviation financing, "BiMBA is the wind beneath my wings". 




Mynn Yang , 2005 Part Time MBA


Company: DY Oceanic Consultants L.L.C.,Beijing

Position: Director


The BiMBA study was intense but simply enjoyable, no matter it's learning from instructors or from the diverse business experiences of my dear classmates! The most difficult part is to get started making commitment to BiMBA studies but once in, it became part of my life in the past 2.5 years. I even did not think of missing a single course throughout my unexpected pregnancy simply because of the enjoyable process of learning itself, not to say the joy sharing thoughts with a group of people who are similar to you in a sense but diversified in their experience and background. I owe the success to my supportive husband and my new born son without their understanding and support, I would not have gone this far. 


Rock Liu , 2005 Part Time MBA



Company: Danaher Corp.

Position: Sales and Marketing Manager

MBA is a platform for learning, sharing, practicing and social network building. Most of the part-time students are doing well at current job, but they are also ambitious to grow quickly in terms of knowledge, capability and experience. MBA provides a good stage to develop personal skill which may not easy to get from the job. BiMBA is such a place which meets my personal development needs. Its professional academic environment and culture of social focus enable me to move to the next higher level both at work and at private life. 



Wenya Chen, 2007 Part Time MBA


Company: NTT DoCoMo (Japan)

Position:  Vice General Manager, Beijing Office


I used to work in Tokyo at NTT DoCoMo, the largest mobile operator in Japan, and later transferred to NTT DoCoMo’s Beijing Office in 2005. When I decided to take my MBA study, I chose BiMBA, best part-time MBA program in China in my opinion. At BiMBA, I profoundly feel the spirit of Peking University, which reveals the key attraction of BiMBA: world class MBA at China’s finest university. 




Xinchuang Li, 1998 Part Time MBA


Company: China Metallurgical Industry Planning & Research Institute

Position: Vice President; Chief Engineer


I am really proud to be the first class of BiMBA. From BiMBA, I have benefited a lots, not only the knowledge, but more important the friendship and the experience, which give me a great help in my career development. BiMBA is the bestI am really proud to be the first class of BiMBA. From BiMBA, I have benefited a lots, not only the knowledge, but more important the friendship and the experience, which give me a great help in my career development. BiMBA is the best school that has great combination between internationalization and localization, which is very important to China and world development. I am sure BiMBA is and will be one of best MBA schools in China and the world