Constantly Innovated Elective Courses

Business school education has a history of a dozen odd years in China. We still lag behind our century-old counterparts in the world. However, it does not mean that we have to copy everything of them. On the contrary, we can have our own features. In over a decade of teaching and practice, BiMBA has been exploring the curriculum innovation. While upgrading the core management courses, it has developed series of innovative courses such as “Leadership through International Field Studies, Observations and Reflections - a course cooperated with West Point”, “Competition Strategy and Execution - Field Study”, and “International Study Tour: Global Management”. These courses have created great value for our students and have won widespread recognition from them.

  Internatioanl Study Tour for Alumni-Global Management: Study Tour to Germany, Romania and Russia… Management itself is practice more than science and art. Following the teaching notion of “reading 10,000 books and traveling 10,000 kilometers”, BiMBA has initiated the course of Internatioanl Study Tour for Alumni-Global Management. By attending this course, students have the opportunity to go abroad after graduation, to experience international enterprises in person. The course is titled “study tour” because it is different from simple tourism, overseas study or visit… More>>

  International Study Tour-Global Management: Study Tour to Japan, Korea, Taiwan of China... Now many Chinese companies are facing the global competition. Some of them have even started their international operations. However, being international should be much more than an international form, market value or scale. What’s more important is the company’s internationalization in operation, profit model, social responsibility, mentality, and corporate culture…More>>

  Competition Strategy and Execution-Field Study: Study Tour to Chishui, Menglianggu, and Maling Ancient Battlefield Enterprises, to survive and grow stronger, have to beat the competitors and demonstrate their strength in the competition. Otherwise, they will end up being eliminated. If they wish to beat the rivals, they have to learn the rules of competition and how to get the upper hand in the competition… More>>

  Leadership through International Field Studies, Observations and Reflections - a course cooperated with West Point: Study of West Point and Famous Multinational Companies What is leadership? How can we foster it so that it can play a role in the whole team? These questions have been the concerns of not only corporate executives but also business schools in China. As China’s top business school, BiMBA initiated the course of “Leadership through International Field Studies, Observations and Reflections” in 2005. The cooperation with West Point in US is one of the unique contents of the course…More>>