Prof. Justin Lin: China and the Global Economy

Chief Economist and Sr. Vice President
World Bank
Remarks at the Conference “Asia’s Role in the Post-Crisis Global Economy”
San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, November 29, 2011

I. Introduction
It is a great pleasure to be with you here today to discuss the role of Asia in the Post-Crisis Global Economy; that is, to the extent that the global economy is truly “post-crisis.” My focus will be on my home country: China is obviously the biggest story out of Asia in terms of economic growth in recent decades and the growth in China has been a driving force for the recovery from the global crisis since 2009. As a Chinese economist and specialist on economic development, I have had the good fortune to witness and participate in the policy debate over this remarkable period since returning to China with a PhD in economics in 1987. I will organize my remarks around the following four themes: (i) China’s achievements since the initiation of economic reforms in 1979; (ii) Prospects for China’s growth in the coming decades; (iii) Challenges for China’s future growth; and (iv) The role of China in the multi-polar growth world.