Career Position: Values, Self-awareness, and Character


By Professor John Yang, Dean of BiMBA 

For every student at BiMBA, career positioning is a critical issue that you have to confront with. There’re three questions we should ask ourselves when we position ourselves. 

Firstly, have you found your ideal job? In other words, is your current job the one that you dreamed of ever since you were a child? 

Secondly, are you good at what you’re doing? Are you gifted at your current job? 

Thirdly, do you have invulnerable perseverance and willpower to accomplish your dream? The third one suggests a character, a quality that enables you to insist on and never give up, however tough difficulties and challenges you would run into. 

So what do we draw from the three questions? 

First of all, the essence of finding an ideal job is related to your values, you’re supposed to choose, rank and then form your core values. If you do not have clear and distinct values, and if you’re easily affected by others when acknowledging your own values, your career path will end up with twists and turns, and you’ll frequently change your jobs and lose directions in positioning your career path. 

Second, finding a job that you’re most expert at is actually a matter about improving your self-awareness ability. If you’re not conscious about your strengths and weaknesses, personality and qualities, hobbies and natural instincts, how could you discern whether your job is the one that you’re most gifted at or not? 

Third, when you’re doing the job that you like and you’re capable of, it’s time to think about whether you have a special character or quality that enables you to persist in this chosen career path and never give up? The underlying truth of the third question is about improving, training and shaping your personal characters. If you haven’t suffered any big setbacks in your lifetime, your fragileness and vulnerableness will make you unable to adjust well to the sudden environmental or organizational changes happen in the outside world even if you have the desired perfect job. What’s worse, you’ll finally give up and lose your dream career. 

Dear students, I hope you’ll take serious thought into the above three questions in the year 2011. No matter how the environment is changing, I hope you can realize your career dream with you ideal, willpower and ability. Wish everyone of you a good health, a happy family and