Deloitte Teaches You How to Succeed in the Group Assessment Interview


By Shiyao Liu & Binhai 

Invited by Career Development Department (CDD) of National School of Development (NSD), Mr. Norman Qu, Deloitte Manager for Campus Recruiting Northern China, together with Mr. Bob Ma, Deloitte Human Resources Assistant Manager, paid a visit to the beautiful courtyard of Langrun Garden on Mar. 29th afternoon to deliver an interactive speech entitled “To Succeed in the Group Assessment Interview”. Norman and Bob shared their perspectives about the procedures and techniques in a group interview with NSD masters, double-major undergraduates and MBA students. This event was held by Ms. Crystal Fang, Senior Manager of CDD.

At first, Norman gave a brief introduction to Deloitte’s corporate culture, global vision, business scope, and talent selection criteria. By vividly comparing accountants to smart and diligent dolphins, he guided the audience into the world of accounting, and further, the world of Deloitte. Norman then explained to everyone Deloitte’s hiring process, including Campus Talk, Online Application, Resume Screening, Aptitude Test (Written Exam), Leaderless Group Discussion (Group Assessment Interview), and Partner Interview.

Next, Norman emphasized on the introduction of Group Assessment Interview, namely Leaderless Group Discussion. Group Assessment Interview tests candidates’ performance under scenarios situations. Through such steps as self-introduction, case reading, group discussion and final presentation, interviewers focus on the candidates’ fast-learning ability, communication skills, practical skills, team-work cooperation as well as oral English command.

Among the 40 students present, 6 of them volunteered to participate in the mock interview, while another 6 were selected as the jury to conduct one-on-one evaluation on each candidate. The topic of this interview was rather fashionable, “Should I buy a 2010 MacBook Air or Ipad 2?". The candidates in the mock interview went on a heated discussion on this topic, while the jury carefully observed and recorded the candidates’ performances.

After the mock interview, the candidates, the jury, the audience, together with Norman and Bob fully exchanged their ideas and suggestions. Bob pointed out that candidates should focus on the target itself and manage to grasp the essential information of the case, have a clear and appropriate role positioning which displays the strengths and contribute as much as possible to the team. Bob also reminded that the candidates should not forejudge the HR’s intention and never give up easily. Norman then concluded the techniques of Group Assessment Interview as to be brief, be frank, be focus, be calm, be prepared and be yourself. In addition, the jury and the audience reminded the candidates to be confident, brave, assertive, time conscious and poised. 

Ms. Andrea Chen, an FT2010 MBA student who took part in the mock interview described this interview as comprehensive. She thought that the emphasis of the Group Assessment Interview was not on coming to the correct recommendation, but on knowing the framework of how to tackle a case study, while demonstrating one’s leadership and communication skills in a team setting. Besides, Andrea was very happy to receive many constructive feedbacks from the professionals and students.Ms. Vivian Wang, an attentive audience, summarized her thoughts as “Do not conceit yourself if you are lucky enough to be the leading speaker. Role yourself in directive manner, because motivating divergent thinking and holding the whole process under control are more important.”

"To succeed in the Group Assessment Interview” is the 4th event of the Career Development Lecture Series. Prior to today’s event, CDD organized the lectures or events on communication skills, resume writing and interview preparation, all of which received enthusiastic responses from the students.