BiMBA Brought Charity and Rosiness to Xinjiang


Cataract Patients Recovered from Sight Operation

With the commitment to spread warmth and rosiness in Xinjiang Minority region, the most impoverished jumping-off with scarcity of medicine and physicians, and the commitment to steer the mobile surgery to the foot of Altai Mountain, the Iatrical Charity Crew for Cataracts in Xinjiang was founded in order to launch the brightness-delivered movement focused on cataract patients in Tsinghe County remote and needy. It was under the support and auspice of China Center for Economic Research (CCER), Beijing International MBA in Peking University (BiMBA) and Taikang Life Insurance Xinjiang Branch Office and the response of Ophthalmology respectively in Putuo Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Chinese Medicine University, Shanghai NO.1 People Hospital, and Oriental Hospital affiliated to Tongji University and Shanghai NO.6 People Hospital Fengxian Branch Hospital in 2008. With the request from Tsinghe Government in Xinjiang, BiMBA brought philanthropic solicitude to the local people’s livelihood cooperated with the consummate technique of Shanghai Ophthalmologists to help the blind minority brethren recover from sight operation.


The inconvenient transportation and the shortage of medical equipment in the outlying Tsinghe region, and the incapacity for the commencement of the cataract surgery led to untimely therapy for many cataracts. In 2004, the vice county officer Mr. Chou in Board of Health once invited Shanghai Ophthalmologists to do the operation in Tsinghe in his visit to Shanghai. With the proposition and support from CCER in 2006 and the scheme and arrangement of BiMBA academician Yongxiao Yang, the Shanghai Iatrical Crew for cataract patients directed by professor Xingru Chang from Putuo Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Chinese Medicine University, entered into the ZuoTsing Village in Tibet with altitude of more than 4,000 km which located on the joint of Tibet, Sichuan and Tsinghai for the diagnoses to 108 Tibetan eye-sick, the operation on 15 cataracts and the three chirurgery operations for free. These completely successful operations provided valuable experiences of cataract surgery on the tough condition for the iatrical crew who has significantly lauded by the local Tibetans. The cataract surgery in Tibet won the glorious title for Ten Good Deeds in Shanghai Sanitary Department.

As one of constitutors, Jianhong Yi, the director in BiMBA office stated that the charity had diagnose and treat more than 800 eye-sick patients cram-full in the Clinique with 74 operations for free and the doctors had worked almost day and night with only three-hour sleep every day beyond their utmost. Yi also declared that they had donated some teaching equipment, such as computers, printers, copycats, desks and chairs, electronic organs, athletic equipment, stationeries and books to the school the day before yesterday. Their charity activity has dramatically inspired many local people who saw the crew off as far as ten miles without leaving.