The Trip to the Ancient Battlefield


On June 14th and 15th, students of BiMBA FT06 visited and studied the Maling ancient battlefield and Mengliang’gu battlefield. During the visit, they discussed strategy and tactics with many specialists and combining them with the operational strategy in modern business and seeking ways of corporate operation from warfare laws.

As China’s top business college, BiMBA has long been introducing the military organizations from which modern management derived and the top dynamic competition of wars into its study of modern business management, and BiMBA has also long noticed that top business colleges in western countries had introduced the army experience into corporate strategy, especially corporate leadership and execution. Since 2002, BiMBA has conducted profound cooperation with Academy of Military Sciences and University of National Defense and has organized senior management and military specialists to develop the Site Experience Course of Competitive Strategy, Leadership and Execution, which is oriented to top corporate managing personnel and has yielded excellent feedbacks and results. BiMBA divides the site experience course into two fronts, namely, east front and west front. The east front starts from Linyi of Shandong Province and ranges from Maling Ancient Path to Mengliang’gu Hill, focusing on competitive strategy and execution. The trainees in person experience the conditions of military command and learn how to develop and execute strategy in actual conditions. After that, the trainees will discuss about the similar decision making environment and how to solve problems in the similar environment of companies.

The course focused on case study and discussions. Through various forms of teaching, such as site teaching, group case analyses, experience and discussion and comprehensive reports, they analyzed the strategic process of classic battles and enlightened the trainees to consider how to solve problems in the corporate operation strategy and to improve their capability of decisions making and executing efficiently in the market competition.

Learn from History to Achieve Victory in Modern Times

The Art of War