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BiMBA’s Innovation & Enterprise Season Draws to an End


Between 28-31 May, 2015, Beijing International MBA at Peking University National School of Development launched its ‘Innovation and Enterprise Season’. This is the implementation of the spirit of ‘public entrepreneurship, innovation for the masses’ and is influenced by Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Zhongguancun.  

Innovation and enterprise are at the heart of BiMBA’s ethos and are currently undergoing a new wave of growth. As a business school within a think-tank, BiMBA’s focus on entrepreneurship and innovation is not only to help students reach personal success, but also to train leaders which will aid in the country’s development and help improve the economy.  

The events were held over three stops beginning on 28 May. The world’s most popular Venture Capitalist, author of bestseller Zero to One and early investor in companies such as Facebook, Peter Thiel made a riveting speech and entered into a dialogue with BiMBA Co-Dean, John Yang.   


Mr. Thiel pointed out that the Chinese are incredibly hard-working, have high ambitions and dreams and love entrepreneurship. In this kind of environment, entrepreneurs are more likely to have innovative ideas. The difficulty in innovative enterprise is finding what separates you from the crowd, to find what others have not yet discovered or even thought of and put this into practice. If you are just copying others, you will fall into the wrong areas and will be chasing the final wave.


The second stop of the event was BiMBA’s ‘Sino-US Innovation Summit Forum’. In this foru, eight top hi-tech company leaders from the US gave an overview of their successes and experience. NSD Dean Yao Yang, professor Zhou Qiren and Xue Zhaofeng each gave presentations during the summit.

NSD Vice-Dean and BiMBA Dean, Professor Zhang Li said that this entrepreneurship competition was not just for appraisals, but to help us consider the direction of future entrepreneurship and the role that business schools should play in this age of entrepreneurs.


On the third stop, on 31 May, the final of the Peking University NSD entrepreneur competition took place. Through this competition, the NSD created an entrepreneur and innovation platform for alumni to exhibit their projects and receive funding.

The competition included over 70 startup projects and, after a fierce struggle, 7 were chosen to enter the final. The would-be entrepreneurs shared their ideas, technology and faced questions from the panel. The panel of judges was made up of alumni and professors from the NSD.

With the end of the competition, the ‘Innovation and Enterprise Season’ came to a close.