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Keeping Apace in an Ever-Changing World: BiMBA Opening Ceremony 2015


On 28 August, 2015, Peking University’s National School of Development BiMBA’s 2015 full-time and part-time MBA opening ceremony took place. This was the beginning of a new journey for each of the students who came from different countries, different backgrounds with different experiences but whom, in the future will share the same classroom and journey with their fellow classmates.

Professor Justin Lin’s Best Wishes

Peking University, through its tumultuous history, has shaped itself into a distinctive university not only nationally but on the world stage. This unique culture is one that BiMBA business school inherits and will promote. As a co-founder of BiMBA business school, Professor Lin sent his best wishes to the new students via a specially recorded video. For students, making the decision to study at business school is an important decision at a critical point in their lives. Prof. Lin hopes that students can take and become the pillars of society that China and the world needs.


BiMBA Dean Li Zhang: One Must Study to keep apace in an ever-changing world

In his address to the students, Dean Li Zhang said that today’s world changes every second. The changes seen this year are perhaps larger that those in the previous 5 – 10 years. The world is ever-changing and these changes are happening ever-faster. In this world, students must keep studying and keep improving their knowledge base. Dean Zhang said that this ever-changing world increases uncertainty and insecurity for everyone and the best way to counteract this is to never stop studying.


BiMBA Co-Dean John Yang: BiMBA’s Honor Code
To help incoming students gain a deeper understanding of the ‘BiMBA spirit’ and culture, Prof. Yang made a special report on BiMBA’s unique characteristics and advantages. Through years of teaching experience and drawing on West Point Military Academy’s experience, Prof. Yang explained BiMBA’s Honor Code: Don’t lie, Don’t cheat, Don’t plagiarize and do not let others do the above. 

A prominent expert in leadership, Prof. Yang hopes that students can focus on the following 8 points:

  1. Professionalism   2. A strong work ethic  3. Integrity & honor 4. A positive attitude 5. Superior performance 6. Strong Spirit 7. Passion  8. Team Awareness


Vlerick Business School Provost Dirk Buyens: We uncover the real you

Vlerick Business School Provost Dirk Buyens made a special visit from Europe to welcome incoming students and give a brief introduction to the history and development of Vlerick Business School. After this, he asked students:’ What kind of characteristics should not occur in BiMBA’s course of study?’

Dirk Buyens said that what should not occur is being unsocial, uncooperativeness, being withdrawn, being unfriendly, selfishess, recklessness and impatience. Dirk Buyens believes these factors are major obstacles in students’ personal development and, particularly in team projects, any mistake made by a team member will affect the whole team.  He emphasized that BiMBA will help students to overcome these issues and help students become true leaders in the future. Mr. Buyens likened BiMBA to a marvellous journey and said that students were moving to a new place. Whether they are full-time or part-time students, this journey is the best time to understand and widen their social network. “We will not teach you anything, but we will uncover the real you.”


BiMBA Academic Committee Director Hao Ma: BiMBA provides a broad platform

As Director of the Academic Committee, Prof. Ma reconfirmed for students that their decision to join was the right one and said that society today is one of competing resources – BiMBA can provide students a vast platform to develop their social network. He hopes that students can do something with meaning and achieve success through their studies.


The opening addresses from BiMBA professors gave new students a great lessons in wisdom and a glimpse of their future selves.

Following this, Vice-Dean Daisy Xin Wang and three new student ambassadors gave their speeches.

With years managing student recruitment, Vice-Dean Wang truly understands the dreams and expectations of new students. She brings students not only encouragement but also a team of class coordinators. If professors can be likened to students’ guides for the next few years, the class coordinators can be seen as fellow travellers.


Ying Xie, Qian Zhang and Sandy Ko each gave speeches as student ambassadors. Aside from their fluent English, what was striking was their desire to improve themselves and their inner drive which will guide them through their future studies.


Roundtable discussion: Professors & alumni

Aside from the official opening ceremony, the day also consisted of a roundtable discussion which showed students that studying at BiMBA is not just sitting in the classroom but something real that blends knowledge and action.

 Peking University National School of Development Finance Professor & Central Bank Monetary Policy Committee member Yiping Huang discussed one of the hottest current topics: China’s future financial reform. He gave students an in-depth analysis and gave them a real taste of one of China’s top think-tanks. This was followed by a short Q&A session.


After the speech the forum began. BiMBA business school assistant professor Xiaohui Lv chaired the forum and a number of alumni in the financial field were invited to give their views.  Class of 2000 MBA alumni, Goldman Sachs China Executive Director, Tao Guo; class of 2001 alumni Xinyu Wang and PKU NSD PhD alumni, Everbright Securities Chief Economist Xu Gao were each invited to take part in the panel.

The three guest speakers shared their experience at the National School of Development as well as their insights into China’s financial reform and their own predictions for reform and market development. In addition they shared with students advice on how only through study can one gain a first mover advantage.


After the ceremony, students posed for group photographs and looked at a number of clubs that the school organized.

The day closed with a school concert. With students now fully acquainted, each went on his/her own path to prepare for the first day of studies.