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2016 BiMBA MBA Opening Ceremony

August 27th, the opening ceremony of 2016 BiMBA MBA programs was held at Yingjie Communication Center Peking University. The ceremony was hosted by Dr. Guiying Du, Assistant Dean, Director for Academic Affairs, BiMBA.

rof. Justin Lin

Prof. Justin Lin, founder of BiMBA and honorary Dean of the National School of Development (NSD) at Peking University, sent his congratulations on video. He hopes all the MBA candidates can become successful business leaders of the new generation by their endeavor.

Prof. Yang Yao

Prof. Yang Yao, Dean of NSD, also sent his congratulations on video. As Yao introduced to the MBA candidates, NSD is a comprehensive research and education institute in the field of economics and management. Besides BiMBA MBA and EMBA, the NSD also has undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in economics and Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development (ISSCAD). ISSCAD focuses on helping the developing countries to cultivate their political elites and impart the China’s successful experience in the past 30 years’ reform and opening up. With a history of 22 years, as Yao put, NSD has established rich networks within the alumni communities, which give back strong support to the school by setting up foundation and collecting donations. He hopes the new intakes can seize the good opportunity of studying at BiMBA and have broad, in-depth communications with the alumni.

Prof. Lee Zhang

BiMBA, with the full name of Beijing International MBA at Peking University, is a leading business educational program operated by China’s top think tank, NSD. And, Vlerick Business School, the partner school of BiMBA, is also highly ranked in Europe, as Prof. Lee Zhang, Dean of BiMBA, introduced. “Standing on a higher place, you can see much farther ahead.” Zhang stressed the importance of MBA students’ development through learning from each other and the benefits they can gain from peers’ contributions.

Prof. John Yang

Prof. John Yang, co-dean of BiMBA, reviewed BiMBA’s history with the audience. A veteran of China business education himself, Prof. Yang has been playing an active role in the program’s development from very early stage. Founded in 1998, BiMBA was the first English taught MBA program in Beijing, also the first Sino-US joint venture education program in China. Starting from the date of establishment, BiMBA emphasizes on internationalization and the cultivation of the interdisciplinary talents. Today, the world is changing rapidly. It calls for the talents who have deep understanding of both China and the world, good knowledge of both business and other social sciences. Featuring the first-class faculty from China, Europe and the United States, BiMBA provides the students with a global vision. BiMBA has been guided by its mission since 1998 which is to "develop into a world class MBA program at China’s best university committed to serving global values and guided by Peking University’s rich legacy".

Academic Dean of Vlerick Business School Dirk Buyens

Almost every year, Dirk Buyens, Academic Dean of Vlerick Business School, comes to Beijing to attend the BiMBA opening ceremony and extends his warm welcome to new students. Vlerick Business School was founded in 1953. Its remarkable achievements in the field of management science teaching make it one of the best business schools in Europe. Vlerick, a highly international institute, has 19,000 alumni distributed in more than 100 countries, and established partnership with 250 multinational companies. Dirk hopes that the MBA candidates who just stepped into the journey are able to reflect their strength, choose their future career path considering their interests. The MBA candidates can hardly achieve long-term real success by blindly investing in themselves in short term.

Professor Hao Ma

Professor Hao Ma, Director of BiMBA academic committee, emphasized the academic norms. BiMBA students should obey the academic norms, do not plagiarize, and get the genuine knowledge with true efforts.

BiMBA also invited Mr. Jinghua Liu, graduate of MBA 2009 class and Managing Director of Zippo Asia Pacific, to the ceremony as alumni representative. Liu expressed his earnest hope to his school fellows and shared his experiences with his audience. Located at Peking University, BiMBA provides the students with the best opportunities to learn the knowledge and be inspired by the PKU spirit. A school’s value, Liu believes, is not only displayed in its hardware and environment, but in its spirit, legacy and philosophy. Liu highly appreciates what he learnt and gained from BiMBA, which helps him achieve successes continuously in his career pursuit

Mr. Jinghua Liu

According to Dr. Guiying Du’s speech, 65% of 2016 intake full-time class students have overseas educational backgrounds; meanwhile, 30% of the students have master degrees and strong academic ability. In the part-time class of 2016, the students profile is highly diversified from foreign companies, SOEs managers and professionals to entrepreneurs. Also, woman students account for more than half of the class, making the group more colorful.

Dr. Guiying Du

On behalf of the new intake full-time class, Ms. Jinzhen Lin, chief representative of Panama-China Trade Development Office of Panama Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gave her speech. Lin felt the enormous enthusiasm from BiMBA staff members from the first moment she got in contact with the program, and with this enthusiasm, she would begin her own MBA journey. “Everything is possible”, Lin cheers for BiMBA and her fellow students.

Ms. Jinzhen Lin

Mr. Bin Zhang from Merck & Co. delivered his speech representing the 2016 part-time class. As a participant of Merck-BiMBA training program earlier, he got the chance to take classes at Langrun Garden in which BiMBA locates, and fell in love with this beautiful classic garden at the first sight. When Zhang decided to pursue further education in business, BiMBA immediately came into his mind. Like other part-time students, he looks forward to the colorful life at BiMBA and hopes his friendship with the peers last forever.

Mr. Bin Zhang

This year, six new intakes are the family members of the alumni. The gift giving from the students to their families brought the sweetest moment to the ceremony. In this specially designed program, the new BiMBA students presented gifts to their family members for their love and full support in the MBA applications. BiMBA is a big family full of love.