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Saturday the 18th of March 2017 will remain indelible in the minds of all students of both Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development (ISSCAD) and Beijing International Master of Business Administration (BIMBA 16) and other participants who graced the maiden edition of socio-cultural and educational exchange between the faculties housed in the prestigious National School of Development.




Dora (Right) & Lenard(Left) - Hosts

On the evening of this day, right at the Student Innovation Center situated at the basement of teaching building two, there was a lot of excitement in the air. Participants gradually gathered, exchanged pleasantries but at this meeting “Ni jiao shenma mingzi” let alone "wo jiao...."  was practically downplayed as you would have personally written your name on a badge hung to your shirt for everyone to know your first name.


“One Love” Song Performance

The event kicked off with a light melodious and famous “One Love” song and afterwards, the President of ISSCAD Class Committee – Mr. Wille Ganda, welcomed all and expressed his delightment to see everyone come together to interact and make acquaintances. He emphasized the contacts made at the event should be nurtured, established and sustained.


Willie Ganda – ISSCAD Class President

Prof. Yang Zhuang from the National School of Development encouraged students to learn from each other and exchange ideas. The Prof. who studied and lived in the United States for over a decade advised that understanding local culture is very important and told students not to make assumptions but interact with people before drawing conclusions.


Prof. Yang Zhuang – National School of Development

BIMBACommittee Presidents, Ms. Jie Gao and Mr.  Chris Liu introduced BIMBAto the audience saying the National School of Development ranks as the bestEconomic studies centre in China and the 2nd best think tank inthe country. They submitted that students have acquired significant knowledgefrom professors most of whom graduated from top universities abroad and consultsfor the government.


Jie Gao (right) and Chris Liu (left) – BIMBA Committee Presidents

Awan Guol Riak andPhillip Obasi, discussed the socio-political and economic dynamics of Africaand the potential for enhancing development oriented cooperation with China.They both emphasized that although Africa has a lot of challenges yet it is acontinent of unlimited potentials while thanking Chinese government forcommitting immensely to Africa’s modernization. Elena through a highlyinnovative 'news themed' presentation, spoke about the opportunities thatexist in Uzbekistan, Nepal, Tajikistan, Australia, Venezuela, Ukraine, Cambodiaand Lebanon.

Phillip Obasi - ISSCAD

Alexander Liu, ZhangDan, Teresa Zhang, Emei and Xie Yuan took their time to articulately discussChinese culture and values as well as the opportunities that exist in China.The commonality in their presentations is the submission that most of the Africansthey have met are humorous, friendly with high level of understanding.


Theresa Zhang - BiMBA

To make the event very interactive, quiz centered on Africa’s current affairs and landmark developments was launched and winners made away with various kinds of gift. However, there was also a session for the head tying of Africa’s widely used Ankara material called GELE. It was very interesting to see the Ankara fabric tied in different forms and shapes as Dora Chipande took the BiMBA ladies through this fascinating act.

Africa Quiz Time

Quiz Winners, Wu Fan (Middle) & Chikumbutso (Right) with Sandile quiz host

There is no doubt that the event was timely, received the highest level of enthusiasm from everyone with all participants in high spirit throughout the event. The audience was kept on their toes by some entertaining Boom dances from BiMBA and ISSCADER Style dance from ISSCAD.


ISSCADER Style Dance


BiMBA Boom Dance


Happy Moment

The event has come and gone but the memories will remain; the connection, contacts and friendship made will be beneficially to us and our countries even in the present and in the future. To be hilarious, prior to this event, many of us would have walked past each other on many occasions without any sensitivities or greetings which is naturally normal, but this programme has afforded us the opportunity to notice and see what previously had been escaping our eyes.

By Kolawole Omole