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PKU - Vlerick Joint MBA : 2017 Opening Ceremony

On August 26, 2017, Peking University’s National School of Development (“NSD”) & Vlerick Business School’s Joint MBA welcomed their 10th cohort: 120 outstanding candidates began their journey into an extraordinary MBA program.


NSD BiMBA business school Co-Dean, Prof. John Yang spoke on BiMBA’s values and history. BiMBA was established in 1998 and, in its 20 years of teaching experience, BiMBA has developed its own unique values, emphasizing students’ “responsibility, honor and character”. Prof. Yang explained that, situated in the beautiful Langrun Garden, BiMBA naturally inherits Peking University’s spirit of independence and inclusiveness and this is reflected in the words and deeds of BiMBA community.  


BiMBA not only has a rich historical heritage – from the 200 plus years’ history of Langrun Garden to the rebuilding of the Chengze Garden campus – but also is creating its future. Prof. Yang stated that 60% of BiMBA’s professors come from top flight business schools in Europe and the US, and the other 40% come from Peking University. BiMBA is part of the National School of Development that is not only an important teaching and research unit within Peking University, but in 2016 was named one of China’s top-level think tanks.  

As the first Sino-foreign MBA program authorized by the Office of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, BiMBA has been in its 20 years, attracting professors globally with  international experience to provide the students with an international perspective. BiMBA has also provided the students with opportunities to study abroad and cultivate an international outlook. Currently, Chinese companies are experiencing a new wave globalization and the demand for overseas expansion is strong. BiMBA students will, through an international program of rigorous study, gain the double advantage of being familiar with business practices in China whilst understanding international rules.


In his opening address, Vlerick Business School Academic Dean Dirk Buyens explored the question of “What does it mean to embark on an MBA journey?” with students. He pointed out that, studying for an MBA entails a turning point in one’s life – one must continually reflect on oneself and discover a new direction for one’s future. Prof. Buyen’s second question for the students was: “What gives you a sense of achievement in the workplace?” He encouraged students to concentrate on their strengths and not reinforce their weaknesses. He expressed his hope that, in the coming two years’ study, the class can combine their dreams with their strengths and bring self-development and success.


BiMBA Academic Committee Director Prof. Ma Hao won applause with his wise and humorous words. He said that in this MBA program – top ranked in China - students will gain cross cultural business knowledge and skills as well as wonderful memories of the beautiful Langrun Garden campus. He believes that students will experience ‘love-hate’ mixed feelings for BiMBA – ‘love’ in terms of knowledge and friendships gained, and ‘hate’ in terms of the pressures of studying whilst working and stepping out of their comfort zones.

From the start of their journey, the class of 2017 will not only have teaching, lecturing and support from professors, but also the guidance of experienced career development mentors who will share their career development experience and help students discover and develop their career paths. During the ceremony, BiMBA professors conferred appointment certificates on the career development mentors.

“Today is your day!This stage should be your stage!”Host Dr. Du Guiying’s exclamation was a highlight of the event. Student representatives Sun Xiaomeng (Sports Industry & Health MBA), Sun Zhiguang and Yan Wencui (PKU-Vlerick MBA) expressed their excitement at beginning their new MBA lives.


The PKU-Vlerick unique Sports Industry & Healthcare MBA is welcoming its second cohort. The 40 students in this cohort come from a wide range of backgrounds including Sports, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Finance and Tech. The average age of the class is 36. 29% of the students already hold a master’s degree and it is a class who are passionate about the sports & healthcare industry.  The PKU-Vlerick regular MBA program has 80 students whose average working experience is 11 years, with backgrounds in Tech, Finance & Investments, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Trade.