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Be Together—2017 PKU-Vlerick MBA Student's Speech

On August 26, 2017, Peking University’s National School of Development (“NSD”) & Vlerick Business School’s Joint MBA welcomed their 10th cohort: 120 outstanding candidates began their journey into an extraordinary MBA program.

Student representative Sun Zhiguang gave a speech: Be Together.


Student representative: Sun Zhiguang

Thank you, “Dr. Cathy Du”!

Respectful professors and guests, our beloved faculties, my dear peer classmates and their family and friends, welcome to the Opening Ceremony of 2017 Peking University-Vlerick Business School MBA Program.

My name is Sun Zhiguang, new student of 2017 Peking University-Vlerick part-time program. It is my great honor of being admitted into the program and speaking on behalf of the new family of 80 classmates of the general MBA program.
“I have a dream…” Said Martin Luther King half a century ago. I had a dream since 4 years ago, but I had only made up my mind 2 years ago that I want to study in BiMBA. People of wisdom told me “Don’t go for the easy choice.” I believe that I had chosen one challenging enough, which could be proved by the mathematic, logic and English exercises done at the admission test, by the nights and weekends not being out with family and friends, and by the consulting sessions with faculties. And last week I just paid my ticket to let this beautiful dream to continue 2 years.

People all have their unique dreams. However, we don't meet certain people by accident; we are meant to cross our paths for a specific reason... As we all share the dream to understand the markets better, to understand different industries better, and to understand different organizations better; As we all share the dream to obtain knowledge, to exchange ideas with elites, and to shape ourselves. We are meant to be together for the dream to make a difference.
The victory of admission belongs to yesterday; while a new chapter of our lives start today, start here.

We are grateful of being acknowledged and admitted by Peking University-Vlerick program, and from today, we will prove more about that the committee had made wise choice.

Together, we will study and live a life.

Together, we will discover the best of ourselves as a dream-team.

Together, we will honor the 20th of NSD MBA program.
Thank you!