1. Overview

Duration: 16 months full-time, 28 months part-time

Programme fees: RMB 310,000 (Fees must be paid in Chinese Yuan)

Location: Peking University, Beijing


The Peking University-UCL MBA launches in September 2017 and brings together two world-leading universities together in Beijing, the heart of one of the largest and most dynamic economies in the world, where the MBA programme will be offered.


Students will also have the opportunity to complete elective courses in London during the summer months.


The Peking University-UCL MBA combines the unique research and teaching strengths of the UCL School of Management and the Peking University National School of Development.


Management best practices are evolving to adjust to the ubiquity of technology and forward-looking academics at the UCL School of Management, which specialises in innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, and analytics, will help you develop the quantitative and qualitative analytical skills necessary to engage with our changing world.


The National School of Development at Peking University hosts some of China’s foremost academics responsible for advising the Chinese Government on development policies that have driven decades of strong and consistent economic growth.  The experienced National School of Development academics will give you a high-level perspective of managing companies in shifting national and international government policy contexts.


The Peking University-UCL MBA programme will create managers and leaders who can operate in the complex, innovation-intensive, data-driven environments of the future.

2. Why choose us
  • UCL and Peking University are top-ranked universities working together to deliver a top-ranked MBA programme
  • The National School of Development at Peking University is one of China’s most influential economics and public policy think tanks and focuses on creating leaders with a broad world view
  • The UCL School of Management is one of the UK’s leading and most forward-looking business schools and focuses on preparing leaders for a technology- and innovation-intensive future
  • Students study in Beijing and can study in London and experience living in two the world’s great cities
  • Graduates will be welcomed into both the UCL and Peking University alumni community of over 500,000
3. Top MBA in China, at Peking University
BiMBA was founded in 1998, the first joint MBA program in Beijing officially approved by the Chinese government, as well as a key international cooperative program of Peking University, China's foremost place of learning.
BiMBA's MBA has consistently been ranked as the top part-time MBA program in China and in the top two for full-time programs by Forbes China.
BiMBA enjoys Peking University’s reputation, tradition and facilities. Its location at this great university, and its reputation as a top MBA program, is a winning combination for graduates.
4. International Standard MBA

● Its faculty is drawn from China, Europe and the States;
● Its curriculum is focused on managing in a global business environment;One elective module on entrepreneurship will be offered in London, which will allow students to be taught first-hand by entrepreneurs from the UCL community who have helped to make London a global centre for innovation and creativity;
● Its students come from 10+ countries and regions, international students comprising 20% of the full-time MBA class;
● Its degree is granted by UCL School of Management (SoM), partner school of BiMBA. SoM is a leading business school focusing on innovation, technology, analytics and entrepreneurship;


5. Economic Views on Doing Business in China
BiMBA was founded by, and is run by, the National School of Development(NSD) of Peking University. It is based at(and inspired by)the prestigious China Center for Economic Research(CCER), which was founded by the famous economist Professor Justin Lin(Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank, 2008-2012).
NSD and CCER have played a key role in China’s social and economic reform during the past thirty years and have earned a reputation for being an important‘think-tank’ for the Chinese government.
NSD is composed of many of China's most distinguished and influential economists, some of whom teach in the MBA and EMBA classes. As a result, the BiMBA program is able to provide an MBA that is highly relevant to social and economic views on doing business in China.
6. Ideal Atmosphere for Close Interactions
BiMBA is located within the grounds of what was the residence of a prince in the Qing Dynasty, dating back about 250 years old.
These physical features, as well as the small class sizes, provide the ideal atmosphere for close interactions with both other students and faculty members.
We pride ourselves on having a family-like environment, rather than being a degree factory.