Lecture: Marketing science and Analytics

Topic: Marketing science and Analytics
Speaker: Mr. Steve Cohen
Time: 11:00-12:30 on June 19th, part of Consumer Behavior's course
Venue: Lijiao Classroom 306
Language: English
Marketing Science and Analytics are exciting areas for young scholars, managers, and researchers. In this lecture, Mr. Cohen will describe a few applications of marketing science to the solution of business problems, specifically in the areas of Customer Lifetime Value, Return on Investment and Market Structure.

Speaker's bio:
Steve Cohen specializes in the design of research, the analysis of marketing data, and the application of marketing science tools to the solution of business problems. He has conducted studies of consumer and business-to-business products and services around the world. In 2008, he became a founding partner of in4mation insights.

In September 2011, Steve was presented with the Charles Coolidge Parlin award from the American Marketing Association, which recognizes the lifetime achievements of selected research practitioners and academics.  This award is well-known as the most prestigious that can be given to a researcher in the USA.

​In June 2016, Steve was given the Buck Weaver Award which honors distinguished scholars and practitioners who have excelled in the achievement of rigor and relevance in marketing science. Criteria are: (1) Lifetime contribution to theory and practice in the development of rigor and relevance in marketing science; (2) Evidence of theory contribution including scholarly publication as well as being a catalyst for the generation of scholarly work; and (3) Evidence of an important role in implementing marketing science in practice.

​While serving from June 1983 – September 1986 as Technical Director at Decision Research Corporation (which has since been absorbed into Mercer Management Consulting), he introduced several new marketing models, including Strategic Choice Analysis, into the firm’s consulting practice. This latter work was developed using experimentally-designed discrete choice models, a.k.a. Choice-based Conjoint Analysis (CBCA), while working with Jordan Louviere. Steve is generally acknowledged as being one of the pioneers of the use of CBCA in the marketing research field.

Steve has published several papers on New Methods for Measuring Attribute Importance, Menu Models for Mass Customization, Segmentation Models, Choice-based Conjoint Analysis, Latent Class Choice-based Conjoint Analysis, and Latent Class models for Multiway Segmentation.  His papers and presentations have won many awards.