The Happy Life of Post-EMBA Era:2012 Spring Festival Reunion of 08 EMBA Class


Time flies and it had been a year and half since 08 EMAB Class had graduated from BiMBA in early 2012. How was their life and work going after graduation and were there any changes? Classmates were eager to find out the answer and initiated a reunion before 2012 Spring Festival.


  At five on the afternoon of January 7, 2012, seventy graduates gathered at BeijingMudanjiang Expo Center and were joined by Dr. John Yang, Professor Gong Yuzhen, class advisers Cheng Junhui, Chai Yurong, Ma Hongli, as well as Director Liu Changyan and Zhang Cuizhu from Alumni and Career Development.


  Jiaxin and Xiaomei greeted everyone at the reception desk. Old classmates sat down to catch up with each other and people burst into laughter from time to time.


  Zhang Jie the class president delivered an opening speech, introducing the latest domestic and international news, sending on behalf of the class committee the seasonal greetings to teachers, students, and their families, reviewing class activities organized in 2011, and announcing more plans scheduled in 2012.


  In 2011, the class visited the enterprises run by classmates in Beijing and Suzhou, learning management and operation modes as well as how to create talent-centered business brands. The golf practice encouraged them to enjoy outdoor leisure. And they gathered at the wedding and the birthday party. In 2012, the Class Committee plans to collect the latest information about every graduate to compile class e-magazine so as to keep everyone updated.


Ma Linjiang couldn’t make it to the gathering and sent a video instead from the US. He talked about helping those in need and sharing love with people. Studying at BiMBA represented a turning point in his life, he said, and he thought about the class as a family for classmates always helped and cared for each other. “I love Class E08,” he said in the video.


  Dr.Yang interviewed Pang Yicheng, Zhao Xigang, and Liubo; the former two are starting their own business and the last is planning to. The Dean said Class E08 impressed him with the hard working at BiMBA, the desire for learning more after graduation, the loving and caring for each other, and the entrepreneurship spirit. Three graduates answered his questions and enlightened the audience with their thoughts. What’s the motivation for you to start your own business? To prove that I can; for more freedom in life; this is a brave step for me at the age of forty. What’s the biggest obstacle during the process and how did you overcome it? The initial investment, the long period before making any profit, and the pressure of making money, these are some of the obstacles they cited. The driving force comes from the loved ones and the family. But family can also be the obstacle sometimes, for they don’t understand why you would give up all that you have to start all over again. The biggest obstacle, however, is oneself sometimes. During the process of starting a business, you’ll want more inner strength and to be more mature. In order to make it work and to grow, you have to pool all the resources available and that’s the biggest challenge.


  Apart from dining and wining, another agenda was a competition of making dumplings. Putting on aprons and getting rolling pins ready, the class was divided into different groups according to the constellations and started to make as many dumplings as possible in limited time. In the end, Scorpio and Aquarius won the special competition.


  Then the organizer held a charity auction and to raise money for buying stationery for children of Big Stone Primary School at Maochang Town, Dafang County, Guizhou Province. Class E08 started to think about creating a charity brand when they studied at BiMBA and the auction was another successful attempt. Previously, they had managed to collect and donated books for the boys and girls in Guizhou as well as find pen pals for them in Beijing. The kids have benefited a lot from the pen-pal program. Those living in the remote areas have learned more about the outside world and those in the capital city have the opportunity to see a world different from the one they are familiar with. Cheng Junhui, the class adviser, said she was proud of the class for setting a good example for other classes.


  Many classmates sponsored the event by providing prizes and souvenirs. Several winners gave up the big prize so that others would have a chance to get it. Those that are going to celebrate birthdays during January through February made wishes together and shared a big cake.



  May Class E08 happy everyday and prosperous forever; best wishes for everyone in 2012.