EMBA Class 2005 Celebrates the Opening of BiMBA Changtang Hope School


By BiMBA Alumni Affairs Department



On November 27, 2011, another BiMBA Hope School unveiled the plaque at Changtang Village of Shiting Town, Liling City, Hunan Province. Class representatives Pan Gaofeng, Fang Mingli, Cao Linfeng, and Director Liu Changyan of Alumni and Career Development participated in the celebration ceremony and presented stationeries to local students. Nearly 300 people, including local officials, faculties, students, and parents gathered to celebrate the opening of a brand new campus.



EMBA Class 2005 and Fang Mingli initiated the project in August 2011 and scheduled the construction during the summer vacation. Local education authority sent an official to supervise the contractor and to make sure the work proceed smoothly. As the main donor and a graduate of the primary school, Fang Mingli, who is now a successful entrepreneur, visited the construction site several times talking to local officials and construction team.


The two-storied classroom building and another two-storied building housing teachers’ dormitories and dining halls passed inspection on November 26. The parents are no longer worried about the safety of their kids and young teachers don’t have to live with villagers any more.



Child is the future of a country and education is the corner stone of a prosperous society. This is the belief of every BiMBA graduate and the responsibility they are willingly to take. By building Hope Schools, we help people in need and at the same time also extend our influence. It is our hope to pool all the resources available to improve our basic education. We also hope that the kids benefiting from these projects will be grateful to the society and will one day do good things to help others in return.



Gathering together, we’re fire; being apart, we’re the stars in the sky. All 110 graduates of Class 2005 remember clearly these words they said at the graduation ceremony. Now they’re fulfilling their promise and built Hope Schools at Ganzi (Sichuan Province) in 2007, at Zanhuang (Hebei Province) in 2009, and at Liling (Hunan Province) in 2011. They still remember clearly the commitment they have stated in their graduation proposal.



“There is no doubt that we’re elites during the transitional times and we’re capable of making more fortunes than ordinary people. We should use these resources to help those we love and to change their fate. In a sense, we start a soul journey with these efforts and it will lead us to a new height in our lives. More importantly, this will become a tie binding us together for a bigger cause. We won’t give in and we won’t give up.”