Beijing BiMBA Graduates Gather for a Wine-Tasting Party


On November 25, 2011, BiMBA graduates working at World Mall in Beijing gathered for a wine-tasting event at Times Art Museum inside CITC Plaza. Guests stepping down the escalator found themselves in an elegant white world with soothing background music, soft lights, white tablecloth, and crustal goblets. Director Liu Changyan of Alumni Affairs and Career Development hosted the event. Wine expert Jin Yang from lectured on how to enjoy a glass of wine.


Mr. Jin started with sparkling wine and said opening a bottle of sparkling wine required different skills. Then he invited a guest to help him open a bottle and poured it into goblets. “Before tasting a glass of wine you should get well prepared,” said Jin. Apart from location, light, odor, and time, another important factor is the mood of the drinker. There are three basic steps to combine three senses of sight, smell, and taste, which are essential to enjoy wine. “Wine has life,” said Jin. “In different locations, environments, and drinking with different people, you’ll find the wine, even from the same bottle, will give you different feelings. That’s what makes wine fascinating.”


Mr. Jin also prepared a tray of snacks and talked about how to choose food to go with the wine. In addition to ingredients, you have to take into consideration of cooking methods. For example, salty food is the best friend for sweet or high-acid wines, and white wine is best for spicy food, but most people will avoid fish when drinking red wine, for tannins and fish create an uncomfortable metal taste.


After the lecture, the participants drank wine and talked with old classmates and new friends about work and life. Thanks to the organizer and the wine, these busy people had a chance to relax and chat an afternoon away. This is what wine is about, good health, good taste, and good time.