BiMBA Zhongguancun Alumni Theme Salon Discusses Emotion Management


          Article by Meng Chu



On the evening of November 18, 2011, BiMBA Zhongguancun Alumni Association held a theme salon at Zhifuxuan Classroom of National School of Development, discussing emotion management under pressure. Wang Xiaojie from Alumni Affairs Department made the opening speech and welcomed all the guests. Ms. Cao Yuhong, BiMBA part-time Class 03 graduate, chief inspector of corporate application technology and lecturer on leadership from Beijing Qijia Shengye Consulting, delivered keynote speech. Other participants included the graduates working at China International Capital Corporation, Legend Group, and


Ms. Cao helped the participants have a better understanding of pressure and emotions with several games and talked about the personal iceberg metaphor of Satire model, that is, a person's behavior is the tip of the iceberg and at the water line is the person's coping stance. The iceberg metaphor provides a framework for insight into the internal world of the person and encourages people to explore deep into their hearts to find a better solution.


During the Q&A section after the lecture, Ms. Cao answered the questions raised by the audience and provided inspiring answers to some daily problems.


Then Mr. Yi Aimin, BiMBA part-time Class 98 graduate and senior VP of iSoftStone, proposed future activity plans for discussion and the participants said they were looking forward to more interesting and useful events to promote communications and to improve themselves.