BiMBA Class E07 Gathers in Beijing and Enjoys Three-Day Reunion Celebration


Source: BiMBA Class E07 Development Fund Committee



The graduates of BiMBA Class E07 working in Beijing sent invitations to their classmates for a reunion to enjoy the Golden October and the most beautiful season in the capital city. Thanks to the class development fund and the organizers, the three-day event has been a great success.


The fund committee said they managed to gather the most participants this time and the class had an excellent time talking to the teachers and old classmates, witnessing each other’s growth, and appreciating the famous red-leaf scene in suburban Beijing.

Emceed by Zhou Yilin and Wu Xuesong, the dinner party began with the opening speeches made by Class President Yang Wenkan, class fund ex-president Cao Yu, current president Tian Han, and vice president Chen Minjian, who reviewed the history and development of class fund as well as future plans. The class then shared their micro-blog entries, played games, showed their artistic talents, and took part in the lucky draw. Special thanks went to the teachers of Alumni Affairs Department for their great supports.

In the morning, President Tian Han summarized two-year operation of the fund and announced president, vice-president, secretary-general, and members of newly elected fund committee. Li Minyin from Hong Kong then lectured on insurance-based wealth management and Ban Jun talked about PE investment fund.


In the afternoon, they came back to the familiar campus for the lecture on national macro-economy by Professor Zhou Qiren. They had many questions for the lecturer, such as “what do you think about future economic trends in China and in world?” “What about the currency policy of the central bank?” “Would you please give us the indicators deciding the industrial turning point?” “What will the central bank do if the housing price drops by 40%?” “How will you maintain independence after you join in the currency policy committee of the central bank and will your point of view affect governmental decisions?” Professor Zhou answered all these questions, analyzed current domestic economy, and stated clearly his opinions on future economic trend and central bank’s currency policies.



The class started early in the morning to Xiangshan for red leaves, one of the most popular autumn scenes in the city. Then they went to Summer Palace and took boat heading toward south along Kunming Lake and Bayi Lake. Drinking tea and chatting leisurely with each other, they had a good time free of busy works and unsettled issues.


They then had lunch at Fangshan Restaurant of Beihai Park, which was founded by royal cooks during Qing Dynasty. The class celebrated the birthday for Cao Yu, Wang Liming, and Liu Yuchuan. In their middle ages, the three men drank to their heart’s content and said what they treasured the most at this age was friendship.


Time flies, especially good times. The three-day event came to an end too soon but the memory and friendship will last for a life time. Thanks to every participant, the Alumni Affairs Department, and Class E07 Development Fund Committee, the class is looking forward to next reunion.