Part-Time Class 05 and Full-Time Class 06 Celebrate 3rd Anniversary of Graduation


By Meng Chu


On 15 and 16 October 2011, the graduates of BiMBA Part-Time Class 05 and MBA Full-Time Class 06 gathered at Hotspring Resort in Changping District, Beijing, catching up with old classmates, attending lectures, and picking winter dates and sweet potatoes in field. BiMBA Dean John Yang, Director Liu Changyan of Alumni Affairs and Career Development, and class advisers Yin Jianhong and Zhang Ying joined them in some of the activities.

At half past twelve on October 16, graduates and teachers took two buses leaving the east gate of Peking University and headed toward the resort located at suburban area. In spite of the cold autumn wind outside, the atmosphere inside the buses was hot. They chatted enthusiastically with each other and Professor John Yang encouraged graduates to share their problems with others. He also impressed them with inspiring analysis on some common issues. When they arrived at the destination one hour later, most of them said it was a pity the journey was too short. They were then joined by those arriving by driving cars and took group pictures together.



Professor John Yang welcomed everyone on behalf of BiMBA and said he was glad to see them once again. He said these two classes were very special and impressed him a lot with their enthusiasm and regular gatherings, for all graduates believe in “once BiMBA, always BiMBA”.



Then Professor Zhong Jie from PKU Department of Psychology lectured on how to cope with pressures. In their middle ages, most of the graduates face tremendous pressures in life and work. Professor Zhong explained in details the scientific ways of dealing with difficulties and challenges so as to live a healthy life and to be productive in work.



Professor Zhong gave several adaptive tests and asked the participants to make a self-assessment on their psychological well-being before introducing several easy but effective tips on coping with the pressure. Some graduates found surprisingly that they were under great pressure to their unawareness and realized that this is an urgent issue that should be addressed without delay. They were grateful that BiMBA made them see this and helped them improve life quality.



After the lecture concluded, Professor Yang chaired a group discussion and encouraged participants to share with others their thoughts and feelings after graduation. A graduate said his previous working place had undergone big changes and he had been under great pressure. He talked to Professor Yang and advisors from BiMBA Career Development about his situation and got valuable helps from them, with which he was able to restart his career and make steady progresses. Another graduate communicated about the family changes he went through in past years and how he made positive moves under pressure and became once again the master of his life. The audience listened carefully and applauded the progresses made by the speakers. These were precious moments for them and they were glad to take time from busy work thinking about the essential issues of life.



At the dinner party on day one of gathering, Professor John Yang proposed a toast for friendship and hoped the graduates keep helping each other in future. The graduates thanked the dean and the teachers for their continuous helps and supports. After the dinner, they went to a local karaoke hall and chatted all the way late into that night.


On early morning next day, they went to pick winter dates and sweet potatoes at the resort, taking in the fresh air and enjoying idyllist life. The lecture, the spa, and the fruit-picking, these activities really made graduates relax and prepare them for future healthy life and fruitful work.



At eleven in the noon, the graduates and the teachers got on the buses and left the resort. A warm smile and a handshake before saying goodbye, they brought along with them the memories and the belief that they would always have each other on the way no matter where they were.