BiMBA Full-Time Class 2011 Reunites Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Graduation

A decade after graduation, BiMBA full-time Class 2011 came back to Langrun Garden and gathered with old classmates and teachers. Dean Hu Dayuan and Liu Changyan, Wang Xiaojie, and Zhang Cuizhu from Alumnus Affairs welcomed them back home once again.
Professor Hu reviewed the development of BiMBA and National School of Development (NSD) in past decade and introduced their future plans for the graduates. The NSD has produced top economic professionals with double, master, and doctor degrees, who become leaders in extensive fields. He then briefed current research projects, including quarterly observation and prediction on Chinese economy made by China Macro-Economic Research Center (CMRC) and the studies on population policies by Center for Healthy Aging and Development Studies. He also talked about the newly recruited faculties and a new livelihood project of Chengdu land reform. The graduates were interested in such new courses of Games Businesses Play, Competitive Strategy and Execution, Investment Valuation, System and Behavior, and Decision-Making and Leadership during Difficult Times.
Then graduates talked about their work and growth after graduation. Before enrolling for BIMBA, they quit their jobs so as to fully dedicate to the study; a decade after graduation, most of them have become elites at the world leading investment banks, top executives of domestic state-owned enterprises, backbones of multi-national companies, and successful entrepreneurs. They shared many things in common, such as working hard, experiencing both successes and failures, and being grateful to BiMBA for academic training and continuous supports.
Professor Hu listened carefully to each speaker and was glad to see their growth. He promised that BiMBA would provide helps to every graduate so that they would have clear understanding of the market and the general situation. He said BiMBA would also offer more innovative alumnus services by creating more opportunities and platforms of exchanges and communications. Director Liu Changyan of Alumni Affairs said the department would promote multi-regional and cross-class communications so as to be helpful to their career development.
Ten years ago, they graduated from BiMBA with numerous dreams in mind; ten years later, they gathered once again at Langrun Garden sharing experience with each other, listening to wise advice from teachers, and getting ready for making more achievements.