GZ, HK, Macau, and Taiwan Alumni Association Holds Annual Reunion in Shenzhen


Remembering the old good days when we studied together,
Discussing and debating at our classroom at Peking University;
Now we reunite once again in South China,
Cheering and sharing our dreams and achievements.

On September 17, 2011, the graduates of National School of Development (NSD) working in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen gathered at Shenzhen Xueyuan Hotel, catching up with each other and listening to two lectures.

This is a brand new communication mode introduced by Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan Alumni Association last year for all the graduates of BiMBA, MBA, and NSD working in these areas for more extensive exchanges and cooperations.

Li Xinghui, a graduate of MBA Class 2003, emceed the event and Association Chairman Lan Ning delivered opening speech. He introduced the progress of the alumni association and hoped the graduates would work together to expand its influence in the society.

Mr. Lu Xinyu, an expert studying how to preserve health with traditional Chinese medical science, lectured on meridian system and daily exercises of tapping and massaging main treatment points.

The second lecturer was Cao Xiongfei, a graduate of CCER Class 1996 and chief researcher at Dacheng Fund Management, talked about European debt crisis and global economic situation. He pointed out the differences between this crisis and 2008 US subprime crisis in terms of debt size, obligator, and influence on China, concluding that this crisis was more complicated than last one due to the lack of unified financial administration and authoritative central government in Euro zone. He analyzed possible consequences of European debt crisis and offered some useful tips on wealth management for the participants.

Mr. Cao then briefed the audience about the progress of Langrun Chengze Investment, a company founded by the association to manage the wealth of its members and to finance association activities. The graduates invest in the company and get returns regularly from investment gains. The registration procedures have completed and the management called for graduates to provide supports in terms of human resource, experience, and capital.

During the cocktail party after the lectures, the participants enjoyed lychee wine, a unique produce in Shenzhen, chatted with old and new friends, and shared business experience and success stories.