The Happy Life of Post-EMBA Era:BiMBA Class E08 Swings Club at Golden Elephant Golf Course


Time flies and it has been more than one year since Class E08 graduated from BiMBA. In stead of getting up early in order to make it to classes on time and having a tight schedule going from one class to another, the graduates still manage to gather regularly and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

After graduation, the class keeps the tradition of voting for members of class committee. As a result, the members treasure the trust of the class and work hard to pool available resources and to organize a series of class activities.

At the invitation of He Xiaoqun, a class committee member, the class gathered once again at Golden Elephant Golf Club in Langfang in September, swinging clubs at the top-class golf course, celebrating birthday for classmates at five-star hotel, remembering the happy hours at BiMBA, sharing their business experience and life insights with each other.

This is part of The Happy Life of Post-EMBA Era and the class committee plans to organize company visits, foreign tours, and extensive communications with other communities in near future. As for them, “Once BiMBA, always BiMBA” is more than merely a slogan but a tie keeping everyone close throughout their entire lives.