BiMBA Zhongguancun Alumni Association Appoints Six Coordinators


Article by WANG Mengchu

On September 20, 2011, BiMBA Zhongguancun Alumni Association organized a gathering at Haifuxin Wine Club in Beijing. Dean Hu Dayuan of BiMBA, teachers from Alumnus Affairs and Admission, and BiMBA graduates working in the area attended the event.
Director Liu Changyan of Career Development and Alumni Affairs announced six activity organizers and coordinators at Zhongguancun area, Yi Aimin (MBA part-time Class 1998), Cao Yuhong (MBA part-time Class 2003), Liu Liqiong (MBA full-time Class 2004), Li Jingwei (MBA full-time Class 2006), Jia Chaoxin (MBA part-time Class 2008), and Zhang Shuo (MBA full-time Class 2009).
Professor Hu lectured on solving business problems and making better decisions in difficult situations. He shared his thoughts on the inner relationship between administrative decisions and psychology and argued that our instinct would affect our decision but a decision based on “hunch” was not reliable. The dean cited research results and specific case studies to warn the participants against the tendency of applying intuitive judgment and experience on all situations. “The key of making better decisions is to make thorough investigation and to take all factors into consideration,” he summarized.
Professor Hu then introduced a game, the famous Monty Hall Problem, to help the participants understand how intuition affects decision-making. The graduates found the game and the discussion very useful and inspiring.
After the lecture, the participants talked with old friends and made new friends. They were glad to be a member of this big family and looking forward to more communications and activities in near future.