BiMBA Holds First Regional Alumni Gathering at CBD Area in Chaoyang District


BiMBA held an exchange meeting in middle December 2010 gathering its graduates working at CBD area of Chaoyang District. This is the first alumni meeting that BiMBA organized by regions and the purpose is to encourage those working in the area to communicate with each other and with professors during two- to three-hour lunch breaks. As a new effort of promoting communications, this will become a regular activity among BiMBA graduates. “This will produce more opportunities for graduates to communicate with each other,” said Director Liu Changyan of Alumni and Career Development. “The CBD area in Chaoyang District is the first stop and other revenues we have in mind include Wangjing, Financial Street, Zhongguancun, Wangfujing Business Area, and Yansha Business Area. We’re looking forward to the active participation of graduates, hoping that they get the latest news about BiMBA and witness our continuous growth.”

The meeting started by announcing the area coordinators and they are Lin Yi (MBA Part-Time Class 1998, Xia Zhong’ou (MBA Full-Time Class 1998), Bian Zipeng (MBA Full-Time Class 2000), Liu Linna (MBA Full-Time Class 2003), Sun Xiaolei (MBA Full-Time Class 2006), and Zhang Gengjia (MBA Full-Time Class 2007). They will organize gatherings on an irregular basis to promote communication and exchange among graduates in the area. Chinese Dean Hu Dayuan of BiMBA lectured on the Mistakes of Management Decision-Making. Professor Hu talked about the root of correct decisions of commanders and made by Mao Zedong, emphasizing the key points of winning a war. Firstly, a good military commander should work hard, using both hands and brains, to think, to communicate, to see, and to be there. Secondly, you should be clear about the intention of your superiors as well as your position in the big picture, which is what we say those not planning for a big picture will never get a piece of victory. Thirdly, you should make investigations and careful studies instead of being engaged in anything unprepared. Fourthly, you should be well-prepared and do all the things necessary in advance. Fifthly, you should think a lot about what things you might not do successfully so as to be well prepared for the worst. Sixthly, you should have determination and commitment, for although you shouldn’t be engaged in the war that you’re not sure about, yet there is no such a thing as sure win.

The participants said they benefited a lot from the two-hour activity by learning knowledge, communicating with each other, and making new friends. They thanked BiMBA for building this platform and were looking forward to more events. The coordinators promised to organize more activities and Career Development & Alumni Affairs Department at BiMBA will also try more communication channels by areas and by industries so as to facilitate the exchanges among graduates.