2010 China IT Elite Liu Huaisong Sees Opportunities Initiated by Internet of Things


At China CCW CIO&CEO Summit 2010 concluded in Beijing on November 22, President Liu Huaisong of Taiji Computer Corporation Limited won the award of Annual China IT Elite. He told Sohu IT at the interview that the Internet of Things provided opportunities for his company and that Taiji Computer would manage to improve its core competitiveness in future through independent innovation and resource integration. Taiji is a company funded by the state authority to encourage domestic manufacturers of core electronics, high-end general chips, and basic software products. Liu said they would create proprietary applications by continuous innovating.



President Liu Huaisong of Taiji Computer Corporation Limited


Creating Proprietary Applications

The State Council issued National Guideline on Medium- and Long-Term Programs for Science and Technology Development (2006-2020) and listed core electronics, high-end general chips, and basic software products as one of the 16 key sci-tech programs along with manned space flight and lunar exploration.

Liu said that his company participated in the program of making applications on emergency command and policy-making support based on domestically made software products to cope with public health emergencies. The goal is to create a plan of constructing the emergency command platform with domestic software to cover health administrative authorities at national, provincial, and municipal levels.

As an active participant of the project, Liu told Sohu IT that they took part in the entire process of consultancy, construction, maintenance, and promotion. On the other hand, the project also helps the company to win higher reputation in the industry.

Liu emphasized that Taiji Computer would use exclusively domestic technologies to realize all the designed functions so as to make it an entirely independent application and to set a good example in the field.

Taiji Computer was also a contractor constructing the security platform for Olympics 2008.

Internet of Things Focuses on Application and Taiji Will Grasp the Chance

The Internet of Things becomes increasingly popular in recent years and there is such dedicated academic institution as Wuxi Sensing Net Industrialization Research Institute. Some leading companies also initiated the research projects. IBM proposes the concept of Smarter Planet (SP) and Digital China is engaged in creating Digital Cities.

Liu said the application of the Internet of Things would become one of the indicators evaluating the industry. As an IT service provider, Taiji Company will grasp the opportunity and explore the market of information management and control.

At the CCW CIO&CEO Summit 2009, Liu said in his speech that “there’re many concepts about the Internet of Things and we should answer the actual needs of our clients instead of chasing blindly after these concepts.” During the interview with Sohu IT yesterday, Liu shared more practices in the field. “As an IT service provider, we have obvious advantages in the field,” he said. “Our plan is to focus on the management and control platform as well as the integration of industries.”

Taiji Computer has accumulated several successful practices on actual application of the Internet of Things, including the security platform for Olympics Beijing 2008, the construction of portal websites for central government authorities, the emergency platform for the State Council, and the network system integration of China's Golden Auditing Project.

Emphasizing Sustainability and Exploring Four Potentials

The president of Taiji Computer had mentioned several times the theme of sustainability during the interview. Since its founding in 1987, the company has obtained satisfactory achievements in six vertically administrated sectors of government, energy, metallurgy, finance, telecom, and public utilities. Liu took special pride in the achievements they have made in electronic government.

Starting as an enterprise specialized in the R&D and manufacturing of mini-computer, Taiji has managed to realize sustainable growth for more than two decades. In 1993, the company shifted its business focus to system integration and then to in-depth industrial application, forging a close bond with government authorities and achieving solid business growth.

As for the core competitive edges of an IT service company, Liu revealed that the secret lied in the exploration of four potentials.

The first one is consulting competence based on advanced methodology. All the market leaders including IBM, HP, and Dell have been excellent consultancies through self-improvement or M&A. IBM acquired PwC and Dell purchased Bearing Point, getting the excellent professional teams, experience, and clients from the latter. “We will also improve our consulting capacity,” Liu told Sohu IT.

The second one is to create a customer-centered value-added business system, which, together with specialized capacity of consultant, delivery, and maintenance, will make it possible to offer customer-oriented IT services.

The other two potentials to be explored are technological innovation and resource integration. Liu said the management and control platform for the Internet of Things needed continuous innovating and, since an IT service provider will get involved in many industrial chains, they should have the ability of integrating various resources.