【Lecture Notice】November 26th, The Intersection of Business, Markets, and Governments
Luo Ning Analyzes the Driving Forces and Challenges of Financial Regulation Reforms in Crisis
BiMBA Holds a Consultation Meeting to Introduce its New MSGF Program
Successful Global Investing: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Building Leading Global Companies
Paco Ybarra Lectures on Global Financial Markets one Year after the Crisis
BiMBA Lecture Forecast--Commodity Trading: Strategy and Outlook
To Remember the Friendship and to Create More Glories: On One-Day School Reunion of BiMBA03PT/04FT Graduates
Peking University International Cultural Festival 2009----Belgium Cultural and Business Corner
BiMBA 2002EMBA Graduate Sun Gang, the Founder of Reed Exhibitions China
The Most Worthwhile Thing I’ve Ever Done in My Entire Life
Brightness Project in Gannan Helps Local Cataract Patients to Regain Sight
【BiMBA 2005EMBA Donation】A Thank-You Letter from Headmaster of PKU Langrun Hope School in Gansu Province
Lecture Notice: The Trend of Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Hedge Fund Industry
BiMBA Alumni Theme Dinner Party II: Three Rules and Eight Points for Professional Managers Turning Eyes from Foreign to Domestic Companies
CCER Lecture Series: Special Seminar of Health China Group
CCER Lecture Series Notice: Main Business Operations of Listed Companies
BiMBA Tianjin Alumni Association Party Be Held Successfully
BiMBA Photo-Shooting Club: Sisters Festival of Miao Ethic Group, Photo Club in Guizhou
[Business. Sohu] BiMBA—21th Century Management Forum: Liu Chuanzhi - Lenovo' s Further Businesses Rely on Two Factors
The First BiMBA Alumni Dinner Talk was Held Successfully

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