EMBA Class 2007 Graduate Zhu Jiye Wins National Medical Award


Among ten winners of the 12th Wu Jieping-Paul Janssen Medical & Pharmaceutical Awards concluded on November 26, 2011, in Beijing, Professor Zhu Jiye specializing in hepatobiliary surgery is a graduate of BiMBA Class 2007.


Apart from Professor Zhu, another three winners working at PKU People's Hospital are Professor Li Zhanguo, an expert in dealing with rheumatic diseases, cardiovascular expert Chen Hong, and orthopedic specialist Guo Wei. They are among six winners of clinic medicine and enjoy high reputation among peers as well.



As the director of hepatobiliary surgery, Professor Zhu did the first liver transplantation in the history of People’s Hospital and has led his team in accomplishing 600 transplants since 2000, recording relatively high post-op survival rate. Meanwhile, he also plays an active role in talking to law-makers on regulating organ transplantation. The national authority sent him several times to the WHO to report on the country’s work in the field. His theory about humoral substance effectively explains the mechanism of portal hypertension.



Initiated in 1994 by registering with the Ministry of Science and Technology, the national awards proposed by two scientists, Wu Jieping and Paul Janssen, is jointly organized by International Exchange and Cooperation Center at State Ministry of Health and Xian Janssen Pharmaceutical, with an aim of encouraging medical and pharmaceutical research and innovation. There have been 316 winners of the award so far.



Director Wang Shan of PKU People’s Hospital made a keynote speech at the awarding ceremony, remembering the expectation proposed by the deceased Academician Wu Jieping to the hospital and urging all young and middle-aged medical professionals to observe the core values of the hospital, that is, charity and fraternity, cleverness and precision, modesty and honesty.