BiMBA Graduates and Sensegain Join Hands in Launching Sense-Langrun Fund


PKU Sense-Langrun Fund held a road show and contract signing ceremony on May 6 at Zhifuxuan of China Center for Economic Research (CCER). Ms. Liu Changyan, Director of Alumni and Career Development at National School of Development (NSD) and Assistant Dean of BiMBA, briefed about the fund and its operation to 40 participants at the meeting. The mission of the fund is to gather alumni resources and to share the capital value.                       



The fund was jointly initiated by Beijing Sensegain Investment Management and BiMBA graduates, especially the 2006 EMBA Class. Sensegain is the general partner and other investors are limited partners.


Beijing Sensegain is a professional company engaged in securities and equity investment and management. It is also one of the first 34 organizations in the country authorized to issue off-line IPO equities. Since its founding in September 2006, the Company has managed a dozen of funds and the assets under its management total at three billion yuan.                      



The fund mainly invests in companies to go public, especially in the equities of enterprises founded by BiMBA graduates. Meanwhile, the management team will grasp the securities investment opportunities at secondary market. The fund also serves as a platform gathering alumni resources and offering more services to BiMBA graduates helping them entering capital market and enjoying capital value. So far 46 graduates have raised 30-40 million yuan as startup fund.