Pushan Award 2010 Sponsored by Ossen Group for Excellent Papers on International Economics Granted in Beijing


On the evening of March 18, Pushan Award for Excellent Papers on International Economics was granted at the Academic Hall of Central University of Finance and Economics. The event was organized by China Society of World Economics (CSWE) and Institute of World Economics & Politics at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and sponsored by Ossen Group.


President Yu Yongding of the CSWE presided over the awarding ceremony and Joseph E. Stiglitz, recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (2001), lectured on the failure of macro-economics in America. President Tang Liang of Ossen Group presented at the event.


Initiated by the CSWE, Pushan Award is to commemorate Professor Pu Shan, a leading Chinese economist, and to recognize the outstanding original research papers focusing on international finance, international economics, and Chinese foreign economic relations. The Award has made outstanding contributions to the production of economic professionals and the promotion of academic communications and exchanges in the world economic community. This is the country’s highest award in the studies of world economics and has been granted to over 90 papers so far, including two recognized in 2010.