BiMBA Liaoning Alumni Association Visits the City of Medicine in Benxi


On the afternoon of April 8, at the invitation of Mr. Zhao Qingfeng, BiMBA graduate and Chairman of NC Dragon (China) Group, a 7-member team led by Li Yingjian of BiMBA Liaoning Alumni Association visited the City of Medicine in Benxi, Liaoning Province.


At the first stop of exhibition hall introducing the City of Medicine, the team was impressed by its achievements and future prospect. Since local government proposed the development strategy integrating two cities of Shenyang and Benxi, the latter has launched National Liaoning (Benxi) Bio-Med Industrial Base (the City of Medicine in China) at Shiqiaozi Economic Development Zone 30km away from Shenyang the capital city of Liaoning. The base covers the land area of 250 square kilometers and the key projects include one center, two belts, three towns, three parks, and one district. According to the plan, the New Shen-Xi City with the output of 100 billion yuan and the population of one million is the first in the country combining industrial development and city construction.


As one of the leading companies in the City of Medicine, NC Dragon is mainly engaged in the production and marketing of plastic bottles and non-PVC infusion soft bags as well as the wholesale of medicines, medical equipments, medical packaging materials (polypropylene, covering, and tubing), and medical services. The team visited the new production base under construction and the cutting-edge production lines.


Chairman Zhao introduced the unique competitive edges of their products and listened carefully to the feedbacks from the team members.


Vice Mayor Wang Fuquan of Benxi City joined the team at dinner party and discussed with guests extensive topics from the development of private equity to the construction of alumni association.