Jiamei Dental Becomes Business Case of the Year at Harvard


With the flourishing economy, China has become a hot topic in international community and the world leading Harvard Business School also turns its eyes to Chinese market in recent years. Harvard introduced Haier Group to students several years ago, which shows that the global economists have included Chinese private companies in their studies. The world prestigious business school recently listed Jiamei Dental, the leading joint venture private medical chain brand in China, as its business case of the year in 2010 and invited Liu Jia, the founder and chairman of the group, to lecture at the school, introducing to the students the development of the company and the Chinese mid-market.


Founded in 1993 with venture capital and private equity, Jiamei Dental has grown rapidly and become the medical chain brand with the most members in the country. Liu Jia and his team managed to get ten million dollars from Martin Currie and Voest and are now preparing for listing on the stock market.


Apart from its own potentials, one of the reasons why Harvard and venture capital favor Jiamei Dental is the attractive Chinese market. As a result, more and more Chinese enterprises of finance, energy, and IT have got presence at international capital market. Professor William C. Kirby studying Chinese economy for years at Harvard believed that the Chinese markets with the most potential in next two decades were medical service and education, both of which were under the control of the government. Jiamei introduced international capital and the business pattern of chain operation, and its success indicates a huge rising sector with great sustainability.


At present, the developed countries including Europe and the US are still under the lingering impact of the financial crisis and suffer record high unemployment rate. The large-scale companies in US are making adjustments to their industrial policies and those in Japan are exploring on the way of recovery. And all the Fortune 500 companies learned a lesson from “the Toyota Gate”. These countries feature saturate market, complete policies, small profit margin, and low consumption will; on the contrary, as the most populated country in the world, China realizes continuous GDP and national consumption increases, which greatly changes the impression of international economists on its economy. The sources said that the owners of luxurious brands such as Patek Philippe, Hermes, LouisVuitton, Armani, and Rolls-Royce made Chinese a compulsory course for their children. Apart from being attracted to the profound culture of this country, they also have great confidence in the future of their brands in Chinese market. They know more and more Chinese will become their customers in future. Another fact is that many Chinese choose to go back to China after accomplishing their studies in foreign countries, for going through economic rises and falls in other countries, they know the place where they can make dreams come true is China.


The profit lies in the gap between capital and project, and the career development space lies in the gap between a flourishing market and a small talent pool. With capital and professionals rushing toward China, the economy with potential market, adequate capital, and excellent teams will soon excel in the world and reshape the world economic structure.