Kinghand Housing to Develop New Market in 10 Years
Secretary General Wang Yong of BCIU on Construction of Brand Culture
Sohu President and COO Wang Xin Introduces Chinese online Marketing to World
CAO Xu Tao of VIA China Introduces Green IC Manufacturing in IT Industry
President Wang Bing of CITIC Press Pictures Future of Chinese Publishing Industry
MD Cao Gang of Pegasus has Confidence in Creating an Oasis among PR Desert
Executive VP Zhang Jie of Sanju Environmental Protection & New Materials Remembers His Days at BiMBA
EMBA Class 2007 Visits Jinggangshan, the Sacred Place of CPC Revolution
Three BiMBA Graduates Listed as Top 60 Influential Philanthropists in China
BiMBA 2000 EMBA Graduate Tang Liang Becomes Adjunct Professor at East China Normal University
BiMBA 2001P Graduate Lu Lingfei on Enterprise Annuity Investment Management
BiMBA 2005EMBA Graduate Yang Xiaowei Hopes All Chinese Use 3G Mobile
【China Economic Net】BiMBA 1998PT Li Xinchuang Interprets Q2 Iron & Steel Industry Business Climate
【Life Style Magazine】 BiMBA 1998PT Zhou Xiaoyang: Samsung Emphasizes 3G Terminal Market
【Beijing Morning Post】BiMBA 2000EMBA Wang Zhize: Opinion on Reform of Education Concept
【Mangazine/Brands】 Interviews BiMBA 2000EMBA Graduate Zhang Jie: To Learn Management during the Process of Playing the Game
【Shihua Financial Information】 BIMBA 2006EMBA Guo Man: A Market Soar for AirMedia in 2009
【Hexun】 BIMBA 2004EMBA Chen Jianfeng: Unimaginable PV, Big Surprise for
【China Business News】 BIMBA 02E Chen Youzhong: They Care about the Returns
【National Business Daily】 BIMBA 05EMBA Zhu Xinqiang: the New Credit Policy to Shipbuilding Industry

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